Here's a short overview of DROPcmdk, the project background, progress today, and the roadmap for the future. This Gitbook includes information for how to participate in various ways.

Each of the sections below are in the process of being completed and reviewed by the core team between June 10 and June 17, 2024. It should be noted, that DROPcmdk makes significant advances on the MODA/DROP Protocol whitepaper which is now depreciated but can be reviewed here


DROPcmdk is the culmination of 6 years worth of work at the intersection of Web3 and music, bringing in various partners, developers, researchers and music industry experts to get to where we are today.

The name comes from two sources. CMDK stands for Connected Music Development Kit - our way of describing the project that is being made available so that anyone can build a music store that converts passive followers and listeners into real super-fans. The brand 'DROP' is being used here at launch because https://drop.audio is the MVP Connected Music store, and the first to utilise this technology. and approach of music consumption, industry integration, fan connection and user experience.

We're moving away the term 'Music NFTs' and adopting the term 'Connected Digital Music' as it does a far better job of explaining the many benefits that come from the injection of Web3 technology into the music industry.


With a live MVP that can be used now, and around 75% of the protocol code base completed, we are very excited to be just months away from a v1 Protocol release and we will do our best to maintain and honour a clear, collaborative and transparent roadmap.

Artists, catalogue owners, collectives and other existing music business who thing they might be able to use DROPcmdk are encouraged to start collaborating on we believe could represent the most exciting development in digital music distribution and consumptions since streaming.

GitHub is private right now, but view access can be granted and the entire repo will be made public very soon: https://github.com/dropcmdk

How to start

1) Join the community. Start with Telegram if you are only interested in tokenomics and digital asset collection, or join the Drop discord to start discussing music and building.

2) Read the docs and understand the project in full

3) Find a developer or contact our team about building on DROPcmdk

4) Look out for CMDK Genesis Kits if you wish to participate in the network.

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